How and what to combine with KADU?

Be stylish even in winter and get advice on how and what to combine with KADU!

Layering, layering and any season, the topic of layering can keep us pretty busy while getting ready to go out. Especially during the cold winter days, it can be quite a challenge to combine all the layers in a way that they work together and keep us nice and warm at the same time. In the second edition WHEN article We will advise you, how best to combine our KADU Pieces so that you won't be cold and you'll be chic at the same time. We also look at stylish clothes, shoes and accessoriesthat will best protect us from cold and frost and we'll discuss tips for effective winter outfits.

Top layer

The first thing everyone probably focuses on when cold and fashion strikes is quality warm coat. Just like that. coats in KADU can be found in several styles and colours. If you prefer a more elegant style and want to wear your coat mainly in the city, we recommend you to focus on coats "SHEEPY" and "SHEEPER". "SHEEPY" and "SHEEPER" differ in the fastening. "SHEEPER" has a fastening with rubber bands and "SHEEPY" with a normal removable belt. These coats contain 10% sheep wool, which helps to thermoregulate your body temperature. That means that these coats suitable for winter, autumn and springbecause they stabilize your body temperature better in both cold and warm weather.

The third type of coat, which you will find in KADU we can offer is the "STITCH" coat. The "STITCH" coats are suitable for the city and the outdoors. The main advantage of these coats is the hood and the glossy finish that makes the coat more resistant to getting wet. People often underestimate the importance of a hood, yet hoods are great at protecting us from the cold. It prevents the back and neck from blowing out and also protects against facial frostbite.

Is the vest suitable as an outer layer for winter?

The answer is YES, if you wear it with the right layers and accessories! Vests surprisingly keep not only your middle but also your extremities warm. Our body automatically protects our organs, which are hidden in the centre of our body. This means that if the temperature of the middle of the body is low, the body will increase the flow of blood from the extremities to the middle of the body. The vest insulates our midsection, which means the blood flow to our extremities is still the same, keeping the extremities warm. Despite this fact, it is important to know what to wear under and with the vest to keep us cool on frosty days.

How and with what to combine KADU coats and vests? 


During autumn and spring days, the vest can only be combined with a long-sleeved T-shirt. From us are to such a combination ideal Sweatshirt "STRIPE"that will keep you warmer than ordinary T-shirts, but at the same time they are not as warm as sweatshirts. You can never go wrong with a neutral colour like black and white and you can combine it with any colour vest. If you have more extravagant tastes or simply prefer more colourful outfit combinations, our colourful "STRIPE" sweatshirts are the choice for you. For example, if you combine sweatshirt "STRIPE" mustard with wrap vest "VESPER" khakiyou'll be a perfect match.

So how do you achieve a satisfying warm feeling when you want to wear your vest during cold weather?

When it starts to get hot outside and we still want to go out in our stylish vest, we need to add another layer to our outfit. We have already mentioned the importance of the hood above and now we will return to it again. KADU vests i sweatshirts they don't have hoods, so we're from the cold will help the middle layer with a hood. Mother's lucky that KADU has many such sweatshirts to choose from! We would recommend three types of hoodies that are perfect for WHEN I'm wearing a vest. First of all we would like to start with our rarity, namely Sweatshirts "VOGUES". The "VOGUES" sweatshirt was the very first KADU product that made KADU take off, because the "VOGUES" line got a great response from you. Sweatshirt "VOGUES" khaki you can take under wrap vest "VESPER" khaki and you'll be matched to the popular khaki color. If you have liking long sweatshirts, the option for you is Sweatshirt "TOLLINO"which has a longer cut and differs in details from the "VOGUES" and "VOG" sweatshirts. Sweatshirt "TOLLINO" black fits beautifully under wrap vest "VESPER" blue. The last recommendation is Sweatshirts "VOG"that are the shortest of the three recommended hoodies, but again they are warm and comfortable. For example, in Sweatshirt "VOG" Bordeaux a wrap vest "VESPER" anthracite you don't have to worry about not shining.


Unlike the vest, coats can be combined with dresses during the autumn and spring seasons. Even though KADU also offers long-sleeved dresses, we don't recommend wearing them under a vest unless you want to wear a sweatshirt over them, because the dress is thinner than a sweatshirt and you might be cold. A better option is to wear a dress under a coat or on frosty days under a sweatshirt and coat.

We have three styles of dressesthat are best suited as a layer under a coat or sweatshirt in winter. They are Dress "ZIPPI", "NUN" and "art is live". These lines of dresses are a suitable first layer in winter, because they are not scoopedand therefore comfortable to wear even under several layers.

Apart from the dress, you can wear a t-shirt as a first layer. The choice of t-shirts under the coat and sweatshirt is different than we said with vests. In this situation. the shirt should have been thinner than a sweatshirt, because we want to achieve immediate wicking of sweat to the mid-layer. Otherwise, the sweat would stay close to the body, making us colder. Three types of thinner KADU T-shirtsthat are perfect as a first layer are the "WOLLAN", "SLASH" and "BASIC" T-shirts.

Don't underestimate the importance of the middle layer

It used to happen to me that I was getting ready to go somewhere and I wanted to wear a certain piece that I didn't have a mid-layer to go with. So I finally figured a coat and my first layer would do and headed out. On really cold winter days, I always regret the decision. The catch is that each of the three main layers has its own job to keep us warm. We have already described the function of the first layer in the case of T-shirts. Compared to the first layer, the middle layer is important for two reasons. The middle class not only has wick away sweat and cold as well as the first layer, but should start to retain heat. Therefore, if we don't wear a mid-layer, it's quite likely that we'll be cold in the winter because our only layer that insulates us is the top layer.

To Coats "SHEEPY" and "SHEEPER" fit the same sweatshirts that were recommended for the vestsbecause these coats also don't have a hood to protect us. If it's really cold, there's also the option Combinations coat "SHEEPY" or "SHEEPER" and "VESPER" vests. Since the style of these pieces is almost identical and the materials used are the same, you can't go wrong with the combination. You can even buy the same colour coat and vest and your mixing and matching will be so much easier.

Coats "STITCH" have a hood, so you can wear them with Sweatshirts "SIGNATURE JDK". Thanks to the versatile look and the use of "STITCH" coats, a sportier style fits them as well. Sweatshirt "ZIPPALA".

The cold goes from head, feet and hands

When I was a teenager I hated wearing winter boots because I didn't think they looked nice at all. A hat because it made my hair look terrible and gloves because it just seemed intimidating to go without them. My mom used to scold me and say, "Wait till you pay for it.". First of all, she was always right about me being cold. Every time I left the house, she would shout after me, "The cold is coming from your head, feet and hands, you'll surely catch cold dressed like that!". Of course, I had to come to that conclusion myself to understand that he was right and Keeping your head, feet and hands warm is essential for success in winter. Therefore, in addition to proper layering we must not neglect the meaning of winter accessories and shoes.


In KADU you can find two types of caps; cap "WOOLIE" and cap "BEANIE". The hats are available in a variety of colours, so you can choose the colour that suits your style or your existing winter gear. Of course, our caps are a great match in colour and style with our FOR coats and waistcoats. ČThe epice "WOOLIE" are better suited for really cold to freezing winter seasons because they are made of 100% wool. Wool is one of the warmest materials, so you "WOOLIE" caps will keep you warm in any conditions. The "BEANIE" caps are designed for autumn and spring, so their style is made to fit our KADU sweatshirts.


KADU has gloves! KADU mittens are now only available in these three colours, but they can also be perfectly combined with KADU coats and vests.

  1. Gloves KADU lilac they go, for example, to winter coat "SHEEPER" anthracite or to winter coat "SHEEPY" black.
  2. Gloves KADU petrol is suitable, for example, for winter coat "SHEEPER" petrol or to wrap vest "VESPER" anthracite.
  3. Gloves KADU mustard are a great addition to, for example quilted coat with hood "STITCH" ivory or to winter coat "SHEEPY" khaki.


We come to the last part of the three areas that you need to keep warm in winter, and that is your feet. To keep our feet warm, we need good winter boots. Where to buy quality winter boots that will also match KADU products?


The Swiss brand INUIKII is a rather expensive luxury brand. On the other hand, its quality and production is equal to the price of shoes. The shoes are handmade in Europe from European materials. They have a large variety of colors and styles that everyone can choose from.



I know from my own experience that they are really super warm, so I would recommend them for the mountains or the countryside rather than the city.

They'd be great with, for example. quilted coat with hood "STITCH" ivory.


Photo source: I N U I K I



If the quilted coat with hood "STITCH" ivory If you prefer warm shoes for the city, in which you will definitely not be cold, but at the same time you will not sweat and you will have style, the Sneaker Trekking Gloss Cream is the right choice.

Photo source: I N U I K I

Moon Boot brand

The Moon Boot brand offers a huge selection of low, medium and high snowshoes that won't let you down in winter. Moon Boot snowshoes are cheaper than INUIKII snowshoes.



You can match them, for example, with winter coat "SHEEPY" khaki.


Photo source: Moon Boot

Brand D. Franklin

Snowshoes by D. Franklin are the most affordable, so they do not have certain winter features such as not being waterproof. However, if you only want them for the city, you can get by with them.


If you prefer all black outfits, Nordic Fur Black winter coat "SHEEPY" black is the ideal choice. However, these boots will go with any KADU coat.

Photo source: D. Franklin

Brand Converse

If you are a sneaker lover like me and you don't want to leave them even in winter, the Converse brand will set you free. I myself own one pair of winter Converse from last year and I haven't been cold in them yet, but I only wear them to the city.

Brand Tamaris

In case you prefer a more elegant style, the winter collection from Tamaris will delight you.

Boots TAMARIS - 1-26620-37 Antelope 375


The boots will match almost all KADU coats. The most elegant combination can be achieved if you wear the boots with winter coat "SHEEPER" anthracite or with winter coat "SHEEPY" black.

Photo source: Eobuv

Let's not forget the pants!

The last topic we'll discuss in this article is our recommended jeans that go perfectly with our KADU pieces.

In winter, slim-fit or skinny jeans will keep you warmer. Slim-fit and skinny jeans fit closer to your body, which creates contact resistance between your body and the jeans. This contact resistance causes heat transfer or thermal resistance. This means that you will be warmer in more snug-fitting jeans. Another effective option for winter are bootcut jeanswhich are extended only at the end of the lower limbs, where the boots warm your feet. At the same time, they are not as extended as bell bottoms, so you don't have to worry about the cold coming through from underneath.

Brand Levis

Levis jeans are high quality and last for many yearsthat's why I like the brand so much. The price of these jeans may be higher than, for example, Mang, but I know from my own experience that it's worth it in the end. The price of Levis jeans is usually between 2,000 and 3,000 CZK, but they will last you for several years. The jeans from Mango cost around 1,000 CZK, you might mistakenly think that you will save another thousand or two, but in the end this is not the case. The difference in good quality and poor quality jeans is that Good quality jeans age beautifully and may change colour over time, for example, but the material should stay the same for a long time. Poor quality jeans change colour in a more visible and less beautiful way and their material loses value within the first year, so it is quicker to replace them with brand new jeans. This means that you end up saving less, because you buy at least two low-quality jeans within five years, but the high-quality jeans will last longer than five years.

Levi's® Made & Crafted - Skinny jeans - stay black

Levi's® Made & Crafted

Skinny jeans

Classic black skinny jeans that are an indispensable part of your wardrobe. Their main advantage is that they fit into almost every situation and with everything. At least by combining them with KADU pieces you will have countless possible variations of outfits.

Photo source: Zalando

Levi's® - 725 HIGH RISE BOOTCUT - Bootcut jeans - rio rave


725 HIGH RISE BOOTCUT - Bootcut jeans

The big plus of bootcut jeans is that you can combine them with either more elegant KADU pieces or with more streetwear pieces and will fit both styles.

Photo source: Zalando

Brand Nudie Jeans

A brand that since its inception in 2001, takes care of environmental impact and human rights.

Hightop Tilde Night Spirit

Grey skinny jeans made from organic super stretch denim that allows for easier movement, making them ideal for longer walks too. As with the black skinny jeans, you can mix and match with KADU products because they match in colour and style.

Photo source: Nudie Jeans


We hope this article helps you to spend your winter days in more comfort, warmth and style!

He wrote: Natálie Koudelka
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